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Introducing Laura

I made the choice to leave my job just over 4 years ago as I was tired of working in the office 9-5pm, working long hours with no flexibility to travel was getting me down. I genuinely like working from home I’m more productive, there is no office politics so I'm a happier person plus I get to wear elastic waistbands 90% of the time.

I think most people that know me thought I had gone nuts but it felt right. In the first 6 months, I went to recharge my batteries in Spain with family. Rethink Accountancy was born and was just intended to give me an income to fund my lifestyle, I didn’t expect to have much of a social media presence and had planned to manage it myself.

Then a year or so later the pandemic happened and everyone was thrown into working from home. Luckily for me lots of people went to start businesses as they had more time on their hands and we grew over the pandemic in client base so I neglected the company's online presence and focused on the clients and the internal working of the company.

I built the first website myself not sure where the firm was really going, they say you should be embarrassed of your first website and it has been bugging me for a while now as I know it is not a good representation of what and who we are now as a company.

So I’m really pleased to introduce Laura Ojeda Perez to you. Laura is a marketing student in her 3rd year at Robert Gordon University and is on placement with us for the next year. She is going to be working with me on our online presence and communications with clients so you will be hearing from her and us more regularly soon.


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