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Eat Out to Help Out

Like most of the recent government incentives, the new Eat Out to Help Out scheme has come under fire by anti obese campaigners, I take the view it’s up to each individual to make an informed decision on where they want to eat.

This criticism takes away from the reason the scheme was set up to help get our hospitality industry back on its feet.

Hospitality is one of the biggest employers in the UK and has been hit especially hard by the lockdown measures. In April 80% of venues closed, and 1.4 million hospitality workers have been placed on furlough, the highest proportion of any sector.

Some venues have been able to provide a takeaway service during the lockdown. But this often means lower average spending per head and fewer people employed, and it is not an option for some businesses.

In August, when many premises will have reopened, the government hopes diners will be enticed in by the discount on offer. It also wants it to boost confidence in going out, and increase footfall at the quieter end of the week.

Here’s some startling figures to put that in context:

UK hospitality industry

  • 3rd largest UK employer in 2018

  • 3.2 million workers in the sector

  • 99% of hospitality businesses are SMEs

  • £130bn annual turnover in 2018

  • 67% expect it will be "months" before going to a restaurant

And here’s how the scheme works:

From 3 to 31 August, get can get a 50% discount when you eat in at restaurants that are registered with the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme.

Use the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme at a participating establishment:

  • to get a 50% discount on food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in (up to a maximum of £10 discount per diner)

  • every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3 and 31 August

  • as many times as you like

You do not need a voucher to use this scheme and you can use it at the same time as other offers and discounts. There is no minimum spend.

You cannot claim a discount on alcoholic drinks or service charges.

The discount will be automatically available to you at participating establishments. Establishments will then claim a reimbursement from the government for the discount they’ve given you.

Participating establishments may include:

  • restaurants, cafés, bars or pubs

  • work and school canteens

  • food halls

All diners in a group of any size can use the discount. HMRC have provided a service where you can search for participating restaurant in your area the link is below:

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