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“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee”

These words were uttered by the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time before what would be the biggest fight of Muhammad Ali’s life, changing his future forever.

Businesses and the accounting profession are currently seeing one of the biggest transformations in how we work with this new digital age. Like it or not, change is coming and either you get involved and get in training or you will probably be knocked out!

With new advances in how we report and real-time information, there are no more excuses for poor cash flow, in a time where it is harder than ever to get money from a high street bank we really need to be the kings or queens of our cash flow.

Cloud accounting software has become the go to option for any tech savvy business owner but there are also some amazing add-on‘s available for cash flow. As a business, Rethink Accountancy Ltd, really want to be advocates of ditching spreadsheets in favour of intuitive, time saving apps which are less likely to fail due to human error, giving business owners confidence to move forward and grow. Excel is fine if everything goes to plan but as every business owner knows - plans never go as they should.

Float moved effortlessly in an agile fashion in to the add-on market as a favourite. It's still a relatively new start up but do not be fooled by that as it packs a punch in the cash flow stakes. Offering full integration into some of the accounting heavyweights such as Xero, Quickbooks and Freeagent, it means that you no longer have to spend hours reworking and going over the figures as the forecasts are automatically updated on a daily basis.

One of the features I love most about float is the visual graph reporting, not every business owner can relate well to number heavy budgets and financial statements but these easily readable graphs make tracking the numbers a breeze.

To win in your fight you have to build business resilience, the only way you can win today is by planning for tomorrow. Float has an inbuilt scenario planning function so you can cover all the bases of how the journey will take you, looking at all the worst case scenarios and stress testing your business will help you map out how you move forward.

Every good boxer learns to compartmentalise and understands that everyone has bad days, it doesn't always go smoothly but you have to be ready and prepared for the fight.

Be a world champion and manage the uncertainty with confidence.

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