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The fifth and possibly last SEISS grant is now available for applications, it covers the five-month period from 1 May 2021 to 30 September 2021 and is widely understood to possibly be the last instalment before the scheme winds down.

Support for the fifth SEISS grant is on the same level as previous grants- 80% of average monthly profits, capped at £2,500 per month - if turnover has reduced by 30% or more over that time.

If you’re eligible for the fifth grant and need more information before making your claim, then we highly recommend watching this short YouTube video

It explains everything you need to know about eligibility and the application process

It takes you through:

  • details of the scheme

  • who can apply

  • how much you may be entitled to

  • how to complete a turnover test

  • how to claim and what happens after you’ve claimed.

We also found this short video about the turnover test very helpful.

If you are still unsure and need to see if you're eligible as part of the claim process then follow this LINK that will talk you through it.

So if you haven't already claimed, remember to do so before the 30th of this month to be eligible.

Any questions feel free to drop us an email at and one of the team will be happy to help where they can!


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